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The quality of healthcare in any country is a leading indicator of the overall (social, economic, political) health of that country, and Nigeria is certainly no exception. Despite its strategic position as Africa’s most populated country and one of its largest economies, Nigeria has struggled in her journey to provide adequate access to quality healthcare – both in access to care and in the quality of care that is provided. While recent studies point to wide ranging root causes – insufficient government funding, physician shortages, affordability of care, scarcity of facilities in rural areas – one thing they all agree on is that Nigeria’s healthcare system in its current state is tremendously underperforming.

At HealthReach we believe that the magnitude and implications of Nigeria’s healthcare challenges necessitates real solutions, from the public and private sectors alike. We created HealthReach with quality, access and affordability at the forefront. The quality of care is rooted in the quality of healthcare providers – trained, experienced and licensed physicians and nurse practitioners who love what they do.The access is from our secure and easy-to-use platform, that holds patient safety as its highest priority. The affordability of care is made possible by the costs we are to mitigate by providing care in the comfort of your own home as opposed to the traditional healthcare facility. Our mission is to make quality medical care accessible to all Nigerians.

With this blog we endeavor to provide you with helpful educational content across the health & wellness spectrum – illnesses, nutrition, exercise, mental health to name a few. We welcome your input (questions, comments, suggestions … whatever is on your mind) and hope

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