Top 5 Most Common Hair Loss Issues in People with Skin of Color

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You see, a lot of information and materials out there talk about hair loss issues that are prevalent in Caucasians, but much less so these issues in people of color. While there are overlaps, some hair loss conditions are more common in certain groups of the population, and those are the ones discussed below.

1. Traumatic alopecia
Traumatic alopecia is a condition where hair loss occurs due to breakage of the hair shaft. This condition is particularly common in African American women as it has been found that African American women have flatter and more fragile hair shafts compared to women of other backgrounds. The reasons behind traumatic alopecia vary in number, but some of the most common include the tendency of African American women to style their hair using intense heat or chemical treatments, inadequate moisture in the hair shaft, and excessive brushing or combing.

2. Androgenetic alopecia
Androgenetic alopecia is commonly known as male pattern baldness, and is very common in Asian men (and to a lesser degree, Asian women). In this condition hair follicles shrink and eventually stop growing hair altogether. This type of hair loss can be very obvious and damaging to one’s self esteem, but fortunately in mild to moderate cases improvements can usually be seen with medical treatment.

3. Traction alopecia
Common in African-American women as well as East Indian women, this type of hair loss occurs because of excessive tension pulling hair back, resulting in a receding hairline. It is thought that this is because these particular groups of women often tie their locks into tight ponytails, braids, and curls. This type of alopecia is preventable if you style hair in a gentle manner instead.

4. Central Centrifugal Cicatrical Alopecia
This sounds like a big phrase, but central centrifugal cicatrical alopecia basically is a type of hair loss that happens in the center of your scalp. No one really knows why it happens and there are varying theories ranging from heredity from parents to overuse of chemicals and heat on the hair. This hair problem is quite common among African American women.
5. Alopecia areata

This hair loss issue isn’t particularly tied down to people with skin of color, but it is a common hair loss condition which affects people of any age or ethnicity. This condition happens due to an autoimmune disease, and sufferers typically have many bald patches on their body, not just their head.
All in all, hair loss problems plaguing people of color should be handled by physicians in an empathetic and caring manner, as the reasoning behind the condition is sometimes different from those of white people. If you are losing hair and it is distressing you, do take the time to see a physician (or try our service!) and try to solve it before the issue gets worse.



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